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Craps Tournaments

Once you are reasonably comfortable playing craps you should consider entering a craps game tournament. Some have no entry fees and some charge a few hundred dollars. Some can be quite expensive to enter depending on what the prize amount is. Many casinos hold regular tournaments with a low or no entry fee and a low buy-in as a way to attract patrons to the casino.

Play free craps now!It is not unheard of for a craps game contest to cost $500 to enter with a buy-in of $1000. However, you often get room, meals, parties and a gift while you are there. Some contests have prize amounts as much as $50,000. This sort of tournament advances 2 players from each round and there may be as many as ten winners in the end.

Playing craps in a tournament is different that playing in a single game. Your betting strategy needs to change, because you are no longer betting against the house, you are betting against other players. The goal is to have the most money at the end of a certain number of rolls, usually 100 or a period of time, usually one hour. Be aware of the chips and betting patterns of the other players.

If a lot of people have entered the tournament you have to compete with other players in rounds. If you win, you play the next round. The rules of tournaments differ from contest to contest, so make sure you know the rules before you play. Some tournaments require you to make a pass or donít pass bet on each play. Some require you to keep your chips in full view, so other players can see how much you have won or lost.

One important rule is whether or not you are allowed to add money to your bankroll. All rules are explained to players in an orientation meeting before the tournament begins. You can play with your own money like a regular craps game in many smaller tournaments. In many tournaments you can purchase chips up to a certain prize amount. After this you cannot add chips. When you lose all your chips, you are through and must leave the game.

In a craps game tournament the rules of the game are the same, but your playing strategy must be different. Always keep a close eye on your competition. You must alter your betting based on how much each player had in their bankroll and their betting choices. There are times when youíll want to place bets similar to your competitors to keep ahead of them, and times when youíll want to bet differently or make more risky bets in order to overtake someone ahead of you.

Often youíll see people in last place resort to wild and crazy high odds bets as they realize this is the only way they can win. Youíll see conservative players and aggressive players in craps tournaments. Often the aggressive players lose their money and donít make it to the final round. But if you are closely tied in chips with other players, you need to do something to break ahead.

In the final rolls of the game you need to play aggressively. This is especially important if you are not in first place. You may even have to bet all your bankroll on a single number.

Some like tournaments and some donít. They can be fun, especially if they are free. You should definitely try a tournament at lease once. Youíll learn a lot, make some friends and make some money too.

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